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About October 12, 2009



“Never again,” I thought to myself as I completed the final exam of my undergraduate career. Never again would I go through the mind-numbing motions of writing another seemingly pointless essay, or suffer through an endless lecture on a subject I have little interest in. Despite stellar grades and encouragement from professors to pursue an academic career, I left university with an honours BA in communication and no intention of returning. No matter that I had absolutely no idea what sort of career I wanted to devote the next forty years of my life to.

Flash forward two and a half years, and I’m a seasoned twenty-five year old experiencing a quarter-life crisis. Sure, I’ve got a stable, decent-paying job at a not-for-profit organization funded by government – but as I make the hour-long journey to and from work each day, I’m plagued by constant thoughts about my future. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that my job makes me miserable, yet it’s often said a job isn’t supposed to define a person. But if I’m expected to spend at least 8 hours a day performing menial tasks while surrounded by various shades of idiocy, I want to enjoy – or, at the very least, not loathe – what I have to do to earn a living.

For years, I’ve thought about creating a blog. But on what? My life seems to revolve around work, money, and thinking about the future (namely, graduate school education). Why not focus on those subjects and see what happens? And what better way to document my cynical thoughts and opinions than through a blog? At the very least, it will document of my pathetic attempt at conquering mediocrity.


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