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master contemplator October 12, 2009

Filed under: general — alison @ 4:58 pm

It seems that I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life avoiding the inevitable. I chose to major in communication because I thought it would help me keep my options open when looking for a job. Instead, it made me more susceptible to blank looks and questions of, “And what sort of job can you get with that?” I would invariably respond to the question with “Hopefully, something to do with writing.”

So why deny the fact that, somewhere in the back of my mind, I’ve always been somewhat receptive to the concept of being a journalist? While I have little interest in reporting generic news stories (“Ignatieff a Douche at Stornoway Gala”. anyone?), a newfound interest in the business of higher education has sparked a shift in my thinking.

To pursue or not to pursue graduate training in journalism? I’m relatively lucky to have a decent journalism school nearby; however, being a young homeowner, two years is a long time to spend without the promise of a steady paycheque. For now, it seems more reasonable to spend time honing my writing skills and developing an expertise in a few specific fields.

I’ve always had a hard time channeling my thoughts into a semi-coherent blog post/article/mind dump. Let this blog, then, be a record of my attempt to avoid languishing into the void of mediocrity and instead create something genuinely worth reading.


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